The resilience and spirit of youth shines through the lens of a camera, capturing the profound changes wrought by the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Through a photovoicing exhibition, we wanted to provide more insights into how the lives of adolescents and youth changed in Ukraine and their perception of full-scale invasion, in the hopes of elevating the voices from LGBTQI+, Roma and PwDs in Ukraine. Their images, more than mere snapshots, are powerful narratives of loss, adaptation, and resilience. Each photo narrates a unique story of survival and adaptation to change, from the intimacy of virtual connections replacing physical gatherings to the stark contrast of war-torn landscapes against the backdrop of daily life.

This exhibition, a collection of visual voices, stands as a testament to the invincible spirit of Ukraine’s marginalized youth. It not only showcases the impact of war on the affected groups but also highlights their courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Through their eyes, we are reminded of the resilience required to find strength amidst destruction. Their work is an urgent call to the global community, inviting us to understand, and support the efforts of resilience of people living with the repercussions of the full-scale invasion. 

By engaging with these visual stories, we are given the opportunity to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, connecting with the universal human experience of adversity. This exhibition goes beyond a showcase of artistic talent; rather it is a bridge fostering understanding and assistance needed for the affected communities residing in Ukraine. It invites us to reflect on the impact of conflict on future generations, marginalized groups and the role of assistance provided in rebuilding of the affected populations. Through the lens of Ukraine’s youth, we are offered a powerful reminder of the impact of conflict on the affected communities and the enduring resilience of the human spirit.

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