Our Competencies

International Humanitarian Expertise
Scruples Research boasts a diverse team with a cumulative experience of more than 17 years as a part of leading humanitarian and development organizations. Our professionals have successfully managed, overseen, or supported the implementation of multisectoral projects carried out in response to the crises in several regions including Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine.
Strong Donor Engagement
Our team members have demonstrated an exceptional track record in collaborating with renowned international and national donors that include USAID, ECHO, FCDO, GFFO, D-MoFA, UNHCR, UNFPA, GIZ, DFID, French MoFA, and DANIDA. We know the expectations of reputable donor agencies for monitoring, evaluation, and research, which in turn allows us to ensure that Scruples products are serving the exact programmatic needs of both funding agencies and implementing organizations.
Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation
At Scruples Research, we excel in performance monitoring and project evaluations. Our team members have a proven ability of designing logframes, outcome-level theories of change, monitoring, evaluation, learning and accountability (MEAL) plans, and data management tools. We prioritize compliance and data quality, and foster data-driven decision-making and adaptive management of projects and programs for our clients.
Robust Research and Gender Expertise
Drawing from a strong academic foundation, our team can conduct research on various topics using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We specialize in feminist research through an intersectional lens, examining gender roles, social structures, and the forms of gender-based violence during conflicts.
Empowering Protection Programs
Scruples Research excels in protection program implementation. We have a comprehensive understanding of gender and protection mainstreaming across sectors, including gender-based violence, conflict-related sexual violence, and child protection.
Inclusive and Accountable Practices
We are committed to age, gender, diversity, safeguarding, and protection mainstreaming approaches, ensuring inclusivity in program quality. Our extensive experience in setting and maintaining accountability systems for organizations and clients ensures responsible and transparent practices.
Data-Driven Decision-Making
We have extensive technical skills in knowledge management systems, developing learning agendas, and executing learning activities. Our team fosters data-driven decision-making, enabling us and our clients to adapt to rapidly changing contexts while securing optimal results.
Effective Project Management
Scruples Research demonstrates excellent results-based project and program management skills. Our professionals adeptly handle work, implementation, and contingency plans as well as quality assurance measures. We are experts in developing concept notes and proposals to secure funding for humanitarian organizations and initiatives.
Proactive Leadership and Team Building
Scruples Research team members have overseen teams composed of 60+ researchers and have a track record of creating collaborative and highly motivated work environments. We mobilize our team building and team management knowledge across processes from recruitment to performance management and staff well-being.
Adaptable and Multilingual
At Scruples Research, we thrive in multicultural and national settings. Our team members are highly adaptable, capable of working independently and facilitating effective communication with diverse stakeholders and beneficiaries. We are proud to have a thoroughly inclusive recruitment policy and working hard to make sure that the most marginalized groups, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community and persons with disabilities enjoy equal opportunities for career advancement.
Technical Proficiency
We bring strong technical expertise in Microsoft Office programs, SPSS, PowerBI, Nvivo, and Google Data Studio, facilitating efficient data handling and dashboard development.
Effective Representation and Networking
We have years of solid experience in representing organizations at local, national and international level meetings with governmental, non-governmental, donor organizations, and UN agencies, strengthening our networking and communication capabilities.
Committed to Excellence
Our team embodies the values of proactivity, hard work, and conscientiousness, ensuring our humanitarian, development, and peace (Nexus) activities are conducted with integrity and dedication to delivering meaningful impact.