Where we work

Where We Work

Scruples recognizes that harnessing the power of information to help improve lives requires a knowledge of context from the inside-out. We position ourselves where we can add to the scope, the results and the effectiveness of our partners’ operations.

We concentrate on geographies where we are in command of touchpoints for reliable and quality data which our clients can efficiently leverage where they need expertise the most. This is why we have a special geographical focus on Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia and Hungary. We work with local experts to leverage their contextualized knowledge and analyze the findings through an intersectional lens. This approach enables us to incorporate the unique needs and vulnerabilities of community members from diverse backgrounds. Expanding our reach in the geographies we focus on is an essential goal for us, and we are determined to leave no one behind.

To work alongside our core staff on bespoke solutions we offer, Scruples has the ability to put together diverse teams on short notices.