Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery for Food Security in Ukraine Project

This baseline assessment aims to establish a reference point for Corus International’s Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) intervention in Kharkiv, focusing on the condition of targeted smallholder farmers. It will evaluate their agricultural livelihoods and identify the needs and challenges these farmers face, as well as pinpoint opportunities for Corus International’s programs to have a positive impact. At the program’s conclusion, Corus International plans to perform an endline evaluation to measure changes and achievements relative to this baseline. The study’s objectives include creating a benchmark for comparing program outcomes, refining implementation strategies based on the context, and identifying and addressing potential barriers and constraints that could impede the project’s execution.

Internal document – not to be circulated. 

Client: Corus International

Date: (December 2023)

Country: Ukraine: Pechenihy and Derhachi