The UKR221 Appeal Programme, initiated by the ACT Alliance, aimed to provide emergency response and support for communities affected by the conflict in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, involving collaboration among members to deliver a range of humanitarian activities. Focused on life-saving emergency support, basic services restoration, and strengthening community resilience, the programme targeted IDPs, refugees, and vulnerable groups with activities spanning healthcare, shelter, education, and more to address the comprehensive needs arising from the crisis. To assess the UKR221 Appeal programme’s performance across OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability) and coordination, the ACT Alliance conducted the final evaluation of the Appeal, applying an intersectional lens, to identify lessons learned, good practices and SMART recommendations for improving the next cycle of the programming in line with the CHS principles. Below are the key findings and recommendations from the evaluation.

Client: ACT Alliance

Date: (February 2024)

Country: Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Romania