We do transformative research that makes a difference.

Scruples is a women-led research social enterprise specialized in streamlining actionable data and insights from crisis contexts in accordance with the principles of Green Research. We are driven by our pledge to equity and are committed to our Green Research policy.

We flourish United Nations (UN) Agencies, international and national non-governmental organizations (I/NGOs), governments, decision-makers and institutions with insights and reliable data to ensure effective programming and sustainable change in crisis regions, with a special geographical focus on Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia and Hungary.

Our work lends clarity to the complex dynamics inherent to the contexts our partners work in. We support them through high quality information management products, and assist them overcome program design, strategy and implementation challenges across sectors, themes, and geographies.

• The future is green and equitable •

We help our partners with:

Scruples’ evidence-based research makes transformative
interventions possible through reliable data and nuanced perspectives.  

Needs Assessments

Generate evidence-based info to inform decisions for the design and delivery of impactful interventions.

Rapid Gender Analyses

Analyze the changes occurring as a result of a conflict/displacement in relation to gender and power differentials (structure, agency, relations) and uncover the reasons/factors behind these changes.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

Design a system to track the progress of an intervention, deliver evidence of an intervention’s achievements and improve the relations between the intervention’s stakeholders by integrating their voices.

Program/Project Development

Designate how a project/program will be executed in a way to contribute to achieving the intended results, conceptually and methodologically.

Impact Evaluations

Learn the intensity and the extent of the effects of an intervention, and the degree those effects are caused by this specific intervention.

Strategy Development

Build your intervention based on partnership, integration and adaptation to achieve intended objectives in a certain time frame.

Where We Work

We position ourselves where we can add to the effectiveness of our partners’ operations.
In geographies we focus on, we work with local experts to leverage their contextualized knowledge & analyze all findings through an intersectional lens.

We Work With

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