At Scruples’, we celebrate the diversity of outlooks, skills, and expertise. Scruples Research boasts a diverse team with a cumulative experience of more than 17 years as a part of leading humanitarian and development organizations. Our team members have successfully managed, overseen, or supported the implementation of numerous multi-sectoral humanitarian and development projects realized in response to the crises in regions that include Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine.

Our professionals draw from strong academic foundations when conducting research using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and thrive in multicultural settings. They are highly adaptable, capable of working independently while facilitating effective communication with diverse stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Serap Merve Doğan

Head of Programs and Operations

Giving birth to a social enterprise requires nothing less than a burning passion, and a desire to initiate real change. From the very onset of the journey of Scruples’, we knew that we should be building a vision-driven, purpose-led organization with a novel approach and an unshakeable commitment to its values.

Scruples is the current climax of my professional journey, which started in Turkey in the 90s, where I witnessed prevailing injustices faced by women, girls, children, people with disabilities or special needs. Back then, I believed my call was to build a local organization to support school-aged girls in rural parts of the country. The steps I have taken in this direction were what steered me right into the heart of humanitarian action.

As a woman, and a dedicated humanitarian from Turkey, I have worked in implexuous geographies – including Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Ukraine – and have gone through experiences that fueled my desire to fully realize my passion.

My curiosity to question and desire for knowledge have also fed my passion to excel researching particularly in Gender and Protection contexts. The numerous stories and experiences I have witnessed during my professional journey, on the other hand, have privileged me, as I have been able to serve those in need and to elevate their voices.

At Scruples Research, we take delight in an organizational structure that transforms work environment into an inclusive safe space where everyone can exist and be heard, seen, and valued for who they are and who they want to become. Our vision, authenticity, and ethics are the reasons I am proud to be a Scruple.

Can Babaoğlu

Head of Digital Solutions

My journey as a developer started in the ever-vibrant metropolis of Istanbul. From an early age, I was fascinated by the intricate dynamics of tech and the transformative potential it has, to reshape the destiny of humankind.

As a well-versed computer engineer, I enjoyed serving tech projects each of which constituted a learning opportunity with unique challenges and promising digital solutions for the community well-being. What distinguished me was my desire to adapt extraordinary approaches to problem-solving by employing digital and innovative solutions.

I regard the field of software development as an art of synthesis. We, developers, synthesize information. For this end, we need a basis – a foundational perspective to minimize randomness. The same applies to humanitarian research, which software development has an incredible resonance with.

I believe in harnessing the incredibly transformative power of technology to support endeavours that seek to brighten the world we live in for the well-being of earth and earthlings through shedding light on the path to equity, democracy and justice for present generations. Technological leaps shape our future and the world we live in.

As Scruples, we support the creation of egalitarian, lateral work environments and societies. We believe in the power of technology that can make everyone heard, acknowledged and respected for who they are, when used for this purpose. Scruples; therefore, is committed to employing technology in research and its various programs that serve the earth and the earthlings.

İdil Börekçi

Head of MERL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning)

It strikes me that I have spent the most amazing years of my life travelling and exploring the rich flavours of the world. I could have never imagined that the same chocolate tastes different in each country…

My desire for bitter chocolate led me induce that appearances may be the same but what we expect from and attribute to certain occurrences vary deeply. The same reiterates in research; we read the same texts but what we understand differs profoundly. The accumulation of knowledge on specific fields brings about this variance. Each of us has a prism – or multiple prisms – through which we interpret life.

The ways we combine our knowledge and experiences direct us to certain methodological approaches in research and wean us off a “butterfly collection” of putting random facts together to arrive at a meaning. Methodology is our compass in research and life. Researching and interpreting will mean nothing unless supported by methodological tools and experience, which are acquired both by education and walking the unknown.

Having specialized in Sociology and Human Geography and worked in Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine as a Knowledge Management Lead, I am taking a positive step towards my ultimate goal of generating knowledge from intersectional lenses to support vulnerable groups across the globe. Scruples Research’s main goal is to benefit the vulnerable communities. We are driven to generate knowledge and reinforce evidence-based decision making via working TOGETHER with these communities FOR these communities to leverage positive social impact.

As the Scruples team, we are committed to making vulnerable voices heard through innovative and participatory knowledge management strategies and solutions, by keeping gender, power and environmental justice at the core of our work.

To work alongside our core staff on bespoke services and products we offer, Scruples can put together diverse teams on short notices. Our members have so far overseen teams comprising of 60+ researcher and are proud of their combined track record of fostering collaborative and highly motivated work environments.